Welcome to Jimon International...

     Hebei Jimon Pharmaceutical Group, set up in 1993, has now grown into a modern pharmaceutical corporation group which integrates the research, production and sales of traditional Chinese medicine, proprietary Chinese medicine, and production and health food.

     With its own developing center, Jimon concentrates efforts on the development of natural herbs and health foods for human being and offers all round research and technical support for the global market. In 2004, Jimon got down to set up an organic planting farm covering an area of 1300 mu where natural dynamic farming is applied to optimize raw materials quality, and to produce green and natural health products for serving society.

     Jimon adheres to and expands the business philosophy of “integrity oriented and responsibility supremacy” to serve society and benefit mankind. In resent years, Jimon group pumped approximately ten millions yuan into public programs, which has played an important role in promoting local economic development and expanding labor market.

     Though Jimon has made a great many of honors and achievements, it never stops improving itself. Jimon regards carrying forward Chinese medicine culture as its own responsibility; continues to improve its service system; implements a scientific outlook on development and adheres to taking the road of sustainable development. While getting materials from nature, Jimon do not forget to pay back to nature. It makes great efforts to develop a green technical system with the benchmark of reducing pollution, decreasing consumptions and improving ecological environment; decides to enlarge and strengthen the health industry and strives to develop itself into a national brand being famous throughout the world.